Lendlease in Deptford

Message from Lendlease

At Lendlease, we believe that how and why we do things are just as important as what we do. We have an unparalleled track record in creating and supporting sustainable neighbourhoods and working with communities, clients and partners to create positive legacies and vibrant, thriving places.

The Timberyard Deptford will be no exception and will harness the local heritage of the area, drawing on the sites rich history to reflect the wharves and warehouses of the past. We will use the skills of our teams to help the community through the provision of jobs and training and through innovative use of our space.
We will also enhance and encourage local conservation, providing green spaces for new and existing residents to enjoy. Connectivity is a key element of the development and the creation of new paths throughout the scheme will improve current walking and cycling routes.
As well as new green spaces and areas for retail and leisure, we will also be building over 1,000 new homes, the first of which we are hoping to release to the market by the end of 2015, subject to planning permission.

Thereafter, the homes will be made available in-line with the phased building and construction process.
We will be updating this website with news and information on the progress of the development, but if you have any specific questions please contact us.

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We have submitted planning! Our detailed plans for the first phase of the development have been submitted to Lewisham Council.

To see a summary of these plans,
click here. To see the documents in full, you can download the forms from the Lewisham Council website.

Lendlease Principles

Creating the Best Places
Working with the best partners, suppliers and teams to create the best places.
By using quality designers, architects and high performing teams our place making benefits from the most innovative and sustainable building practices. This not only reduces our impact on the wider environment, but helps us collaborate with the existing communities in which we build.


Designing for Deptford.
We want to create something people are proud of and that captures the character and rich history of the area. Our designs seek to echo the past and look to the future, building homes that complement the existing buildings in the area and retain Deptford’s character. This goes right down to our roofing, which takes its lead from the Wharves that once stood on the site.

Inclusion for All

Building a place that everyone can enjoy.
One of the features of our development will be the creation of a water feature that depicts the spirit of the Surrey Canal; the backbone to the development that opens up a new public space for everyone to use freely. As well as the new walkway that will include green lawns and trees, we will also create a space to welcome new shops and cafes, breathing life and excitement back into a valued location.

Restoring & Enhancing

We respect what was there before us
and the development restores the permeability of the site by reconnecting it with the surrounding area. People will once again be able to access across and within the area.

We seek to empower communities through economic rejuvenation and the Victoria Pub, set to become a new hub for small-businesses and start-ups as an interim use, provides an opportunity to get ‘a step on the ladder’. Once completed, our exciting new Y-building will provide a clean, fresh and affordable space for start-up and fledgling businesses, to work together in collaborative or individual environments.


We will keep to our promises.
We will succeed where others have not and our track record proves the positive impact we have on the areas we invest in.