The Victoria Pub


The Victoria Pub on Grove Street is to be retained as a historic building as part of the Masterplan. Throughout all community feedback this has been an important aspect to help maintain a physical link with the heritage of the site and an opportunity to benefit the local community, helping integrate existing and new communities.

It is anticipated to be about three years until the long-term restoration of the Victoria Pub can happen. However this presents an opportunity to for an interim use of the building to help support community activity, training and business.

The interim use of the Victoria Pub is a separate planning application that will be submitted in summer 2015. The proposals are currently considering:

  • A start-up kitchen on the ground floor alongside a cafe area and pop-up shop that could work together.
  • On the upper levels, business incubation space including mix of spaces for start-up businesses and rented space to help subsidise community use and provide training opportunities for local people.
  • Businesses that flourish in the incubator space have potential to grow their business within retail / business spaces being constructed as part of the wider scheme.
  • Subject to planning permission, it is hoped that the building could be completed in early 2016.


Proposals for the Victoria Pub have been developed alongside a local co-design process. This is separate to the public consultation on the masterplan and a small local working group has been established to represent a cross-section of local interests and groups that have previously shown a commitment to the process of involvement.

The co-design has brought local knowledge to the design process,
working with the owners of the building, Lend Lease, to ensure that the use and vision reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community as well as those of Lend Lease.

The images to the right show the current state of the Victoria Pub. A record of the co-design process is fully public and you can download notes of all sessions to date below. At the March consultation events, we presented the work to date to seek wider input. Overall, the ideas were received very well and a summary of the feedback can be found in the Statement of Community Involvement, available here. Please click below to read the co-design reports to date:

Workshop 1
200KB PDF file | 19th December 2014

Workshop 2
1MB PDF file | 19th January 2015

Workshop 3
1.1MB PDF file | 4th March 2015